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The Eurotierklinik has served the pet owning public of Mallorca for more than 20 years.

Much has changed during this time. However our aim to achieve and maintain the best possible health and wellbeing for your furry friends has remained, through skilled veterinary work but also our kind and compassionate approach to you the client and your pet.

We encourage thorough discussions with our patients’ owners to enable a relationship based on a high level of mutual trust, allowing us to provide the very highest standards of veterinary care for your pet. If the complex nature of a case requires, we will consult with or refer to the appropriate specialists without losing sight of animal welfare considerations.

Eurotierklinik Arenal

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 10 am to 13 pm
Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 5 to 8 pm
Closed on Wednesday afternoon

Our services

Eurotierklinik Arenal - Innere Medizin


Many diseases can be combated if they are detected in time.
Eurotierklinik Arenal - Innere Medizin

internal medicine

Internal medicine is a summarizing term for the diagnosis and treatment of very many diseases.
Eurotierklinik Mallorca - Dermatology


Dermatology plays an important role in our practice, because the skin is the largest organ of the body, without which life would not be possible.
Eurotierklinik Arenal


Surgery is the term for the surgical treatment of diseases and injuries.
Eurotierklinik Home visits

our specialists

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Eurotierklinik Home visits

Home visits

In special circumstances we can offer a house visit for your pet(s). A requirement for this is a brief discussion before booking the appointment. Please be aware and understand that we are not able to do complex exams/investigations or surgery at your home.

Phone 971 44 12 13

Important information

Leishmaniasis, what is it?

Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease which is caused by a tiny parasite called ‘leishmania infantum’ and it can infect humans and canines.

Vaccination Protocols

Vaccinations are preventative measures. On Mallorca rabies vaccinations are required by law for dogs.

Pine processionary caterpillar

This pest is a scaly winged insect (Thaumatopea pytocampa) in the same family as butterflies and moths and its very odd behaviour whilst in its caterpillar phase gave rise to the name  ‘pine processionary caterpillar’. It is commonly found all over the mediterranean region.
Eurotierklinik Arenal Mallorca


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